O Alegre Canto da Perdiz – Paulina Chiziane

“Quantos passos marcam os pés descalços em toda a existencia? Quantos sonhos cabem na cabeça de um homem vivo? Quantas lágrimas existem nos olhos de uma mulher? Quantas injúrias pode um coraçao sofrer? Quantas gotas de sangue cabem no corpo humano? Quantos anos ele tem? Quantos anos teve de liberdade e quantos foi prisioneiro?” O … Sigue leyendo O Alegre Canto da Perdiz – Paulina Chiziane

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Freshwater – Akwaeke Emezi

“When you break something, you must study the pattern of the shattering before you can piece it back together.” Freshwater Akwaeke Emezi Freshwater was my last reading of the year. I unintentionally closed the 2021 with a flourish, an absolute masterpiece (speaking about books because what a crappy year otherwise, right?). It was so good … Sigue leyendo Freshwater – Akwaeke Emezi

No Sweetness Here and Other Stories – Ama Ata Aidoo

“Show me a fresh corpse my sister, so I can weep you old tears.” We are back with another African writer, the much admired Ama Ata Aidoo and her collection of stories published in 1991. I can´t recommend enough the voice of this prolific writer in order to get a wider and more comprehensive understanding … Sigue leyendo No Sweetness Here and Other Stories – Ama Ata Aidoo

Pornô Chic – Hilda Hilst

“É metafísica ou putaria das grossas?” Hilda Hilst “A consciencia é o inferno, mas também a única poesía possível.” Hilda Hilst Bato co nome de Hilda Hilst (1930 – 2004) por puro acaso. Andaba eu a buscar autoras brasileiras para que o afán de ler escritoras latinoamericanas non se quedara só no parcial e tendencioso … Sigue leyendo Pornô Chic – Hilda Hilst

Comfort Woman – Nora Okja Keller

In her book “The Artist´s Way”, Julia Cameron explains what “synchrony” means in psychological terms. According to her, it consists in catching up with certain stimuli, getting involved in particular events or surrounding oneself by specific things that agree with one´s inner search for something. As if your unconscious was guiding you; what some would … Sigue leyendo Comfort Woman – Nora Okja Keller

The Female Man – Joanna Russ

“We maintain our outward obedience until the very end, until the beautiful, bloody moment that we fire these stranglers, these murderers, these unnatural and atavistic nature´s bastards, off the face of the earth” It´s been a damn long time since I last addressed you.  Tough times we are going through, right? I assume I am … Sigue leyendo The Female Man – Joanna Russ

Rebellious Mourning. The Collective Work of Grief

Like any obedient middle class European citizen, I got used to keep my losses to myself, not even wondering about the healing potential of sharing my grief with others. No doubt we live in a confusing and hostile world where it is hard to not look around and feel completely defenceless. It is not easy … Sigue leyendo Rebellious Mourning. The Collective Work of Grief